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What is Michigan Fashion Summit

Michigan Fashion Summit is a standalone one-day conference that is dedicated to teach and develop fashion designers, fashion journalists, fashion models, fashion students and anyone involved or aspiring the world of fashion. With over 20 different workshops, attendees will hear from the world’s leading fashion designers, reporters, startups and established players in the industry. The overall purpose of Michigan Fashion Summit and the initiatives behind is to create a movement in the fashion industry in Michigan. We believe that we can make a difference and that the industry has the means and opportunity to change its way of doing business. 


Digital MarketingFashionDesignFashionMerchandizing ManufacturingMonetizingBusinessInnovativeMarketing StrategicMarketingSocialMediaGrowthInternational BusinessLegalizingBusinessFashionEditorial MakeupEvent PlanningStylingTechniques

andMuch More...   


The Lineup 

The top thinkers and leaders in fashion and style are coming to Michigan Fashion Summit. Learn from entrepreneurs, innovators, and marketers who continue to push the boundaries of fashion and innovation to make businesses more successful.

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We offer over

20 different workshops, so you can choose your own learning path.

What you'll learn at Michigan Fashion Summit

Fashion. Innovation. Technology. Business.

We’ve simplified learning by creating easy to follow tracks in the following topics:


Makeup is always changing but the principles stay the same. Learn how to maximize what you already have in your makeup bag all while adding the key components needed for a fresh face, dramatic face or someone who's behind the camera. Come learn about the lastet techniques and new tools used to perfect the craft. Also come and see what it will take for you to develop your own makeup line like you always dreamt of. Learn and talk to the professionals. 


Fashion and styles are changing and evolving everyday. It is very important that you stay on the cutting edge of fashion to remain a relevant fashion stylist. Fashion stylist are needed in all the areas of fashion, whether its from runway shows to photoshoots to fashion consultant. It is important to upgrade your inspirations and ideas. Are you a stylist looking to book new clientele? Are you getting paid correctly for your work? Where are you finding your new ideas? Learn how to become an effective and needed stylist.  


Attracting and retaining audiences across every channel and every device has become more and more difficult with the ever changing styles and updates in the fashion and blogging industry. Learn the latest techniques in keeping your audience engaged and involve. Learn first hand how to get the followers and interactions you need for an exciting blog. Are you blogging about the right stuff, better yet are you making money? If not grab the keys you need


Fashion design has always been a very competitive industry, with designers struggling to make their big break, learning where to manufacture their clothing, or simply just finding customers. Learn how to jumpstart your fashion design career by identifying what can make or break your career. Are you an aspiring designer, or an expert designer, determine to get your creations in the hands of the public? Learn the key steps in developing your fashion design business and learn the most innovative ways to make your passion your career.


Creating consistent, relevant, and high quality customer experiences in the fashion arena is far more difficult when factoring in cost, service and time. Are you a store owner? Do you have an online boutique? Do you want to open a fashion store? Learn how to get funded, and what financial responsibility is needed for a successful fashion business. Learn how to get funded for the fashion show you always wanted to produce or just cash to get your fashion dreams started.

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