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Create Your Own Learning Course | Q + A in all Classes 


Registration + Breakfast

Chat over a hot cup of coffee while mingling and network before the conference kicks off! Meet a friend or two. Chat about which classes you are attending and map out your day! 


Kickoff - Loren D. Hicks 

                           Founder Michigan Fashion Summit

Kickoff the Michigan Fashion Summit with the Founder Loren Hicks! She'll chat about what the Michigan Fashion Summit and Michigan Fashion Week is all about. Listen to her goals on making a difference in the Michigan Fashion Scene. 


Keynote - Mila Pershyna

                               Regional Director Fashion Group International or/and CEO/Fashion Designer MP Fashion

Key components to your apparel line, from concept to production. 


Keynote - Charlie G.

                               Influencer and Entrepreneur

How to grow an authentic Instagram; Curating great pictures and content for your business 


Breakout Session 1 Choose 1 class           

Beauty (Hair & Makeup)​

Marv Dixon - Editorial makeup -“Slay all of your

photoshoots, hands on editorial makeup demonstration by a professional celebrity makeup artist”

Fashion Stylist

Marv Neal - Styling, It’s A business–Are you a stylist looking to book professional clients and get paid a fair wage for your work? If so, learn how to turn your passion into a business and make a profit for your hard work

Fashion Designer

Sonia Zack - Startup to Established–Have a clothing company that you are looking to get off the ground? Learn all the manufacturing  process and Sourcing your products overseas”

Fashion Influencer

Natasha Feghali  - My Talk is just fine–How to close the deal! Effective networking techniques and the art of deal making. 

Fashion Business

Megan Kennedy - Let’s party–Planning the bomb launch party or trunk show! Don’t have an event planner, no problem. I’ve got you covered!


Breakout Sessions 2 Choose 1 class           

Beauty (Hair & Makeup)​

Rashida Williams - What’s in your bag?”–Are you a makeup artist looking to learn about the latests products and techniques? Make sure your makeup bag is packed with all the various and latest tools for your special clients.

Fashion Stylist

Soonie Itawi - "Establishing your unique style though discovery. You don’t have to be the biggest, but you have to be the best!" 

Fashion Designer

Mathew Hunt - "Keeping your business in Detroit, why Detroit is evolving into a fashion hub and how to be apart

Fashion Influencer

Latasha James  - Beyond Follower Count: What brands really want to see from influencers. We will be answering all the in-depth questions you want in this insightful workshop.

Fashion Business

Deanna Swisher - "Leveraging the Law – How to reduce risk and get the most out of business transactions by avoiding common mistakes, entering into contracts and understanding their terms." 


Lunch & Panel 

Tatiana Simone  |  Mia Ray  |  Brittany Ray  |  Marv Neal 



Breakout Sessions 3 Choose 1 class           

Beauty (Hair & Makeup)​

Sylvia Jordan - Are you ready for retail? - Certifying and licensing your products for major retail, this workshop is filled with tons of major nuggets. 

Fashion Stylist

Latrice Delagato - Need outfit ideas, or suggestions on how to put together outfits? Learn techniques on how to come up with different looks and ideas for your clients. Learn to keep your eyes open for the next big idea.

Fashion Designer

Dominque Suttles - "Master the art of draping. Secret techniques in draping and designing garments 

Fashion Influencer

Adrienne Lenhoff  - "Public Relations and your fashion brand. Make people love and buy in to what you are doing" 

Fashion Business

Tej Yale - Winning against your competitors. Gain customers through ads and digital marketing.


Breakout Sessions 4 Choose 1 class           

Beauty (Makeup)​

Olivia Tinsley & Natalie Swanson - "A perfect foundation, complete and total skin care." 

Fashion Stylist

Alexis McCree - "Finding your perfect client- marketing your business and services in a saturated market." 

Fashion Designer

Erik Miller - "Running and operating a brick & mortar store in a digital world.” 

Fashion Influencer

Grace Liang  - "Make blogging your full time gig. How to earn a living through your very own blog." 

Fashion Business

Sherri Henderson - "Become a global buy and sell expert. Learn about the tariffs and trade services." 



Keynote - Arian Simone

                               Author, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Fashion Show

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